New arrivals - Fort Riley

New arrivals in Fort Riley, Kansas, will be impressed with all of the amenities that their new home affords them. Soldiers who are just coming into the Fort Riley neighborhood will immediately note that the area has many different programs to make then feel at home in their new surroundings. 

Medical care should not be concern for those who are taking care of their fellow countrymen. At Fort Riley, there is no shortage of medical care for soldiers. The Irwin Army Community Hospital serves not only the soldiers stationed at Fort Riley, it also serves the families of those who choose to defend America. There is a fully-stocked pharmacy on-site at the Irwin Army Community Hospital in addition to the regular physician services. Summer fitness classes for children and teens promote healthy lifestyle choices among the children of active soldiers. The Fort Riley base is also home to dental services for soldiers. 

Medical care is not restricted to those in the military and their spouses and children. Many soldiers may bring family pets with them to Fort Riley. The base is home to the Fort Riley Veterinary Treatment Facility. Soldiers who utilize the VTF for their animal's needs will be able to access office visits, medicine and vaccinations. These services can provide a bit of comfort in knowing that animals will be well taken care of.

New arrivals are frequently provided moving expenses as a part of their enlistment. There are multiple options available for those ordered to Fort Riley and there are people at the base who can help with this life-changing event. Also, there are multiple options on the base for transportation that include a taxi service and a van pool that can help soldiers get around the area. 

Many soldiers move with school-age children. Frequently changing schools can sometimes be a traumatic experience for the children of military families. The base at Fort Riley attempts to make this transition as painless as possible for the children of military men and women. The base provides school liaison officers that serve as a link between the parents on the base and the schools in the community. These liaisons attempt to provide assistance in solving some of the problems that arise with the children of members of the armed forces. They also assist families in getting information regarding their educational options in the area.

There are many housing options for new arrivals in Fort Riley. Service members can elect to live on the base in the barracks or in family housing. Friends and family who want to visit members of the armed forces who are stationed in Fort Riley have the option of staying in a hotel provided by the army. 

New arrivals at Fort Riley can also contact Mathis Lueker Real Estate for information on many of the programs related to morale, welfare and recreation on the base at Fort Riley and the surrounding area. Mathis Leuker is also happy to answer any questions that those who are new arrivals on the base have in regard to Fort Riley real estate.
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