Mathis Luecker Welcomes you to Fort Riley

Soldiers at Fort Riley, Kansas have plenty of opportunities to enjoy morale, welfare and recreation activities. These opportunities are intended to improve the well-being of service members and increase their overall quality of life. Everything from unique programs to special events is offered by the Fort Riley MWR office.

Relocation readiness is one of the services that can be beneficial to military families that are new to Fort Riley. Those who have a family member with special needs can take advantage of the Exceptional Family Member Program. There are also programs designed to help soldiers who are separating from military service find employment, and there are a number of programs designed for financial and deployment readiness as well.

The Child, Youth and School Services agency provides opportunities for teens and children. Child development centers on post provide child care services for preschool aged children, and there are a number of family child care centers that provide care for children up to age 12. The Middle School and Teen Center offers a homework center and computer lab for children ages 11-18. This center also sponsors a 4H Club, bingo, and karaoke contests.

The Fort Riley MWR office also offers several opportunities to enjoy casual activities including arts and crafts, bingo, and a post library. Soldiers can also become involved in a car club or schedule travel through the Leisure Travel Center. The Custer Hill Bowling Center and Custer Hill Golf Course allows military families to unwind while enjoying light physical activity.

Fort Riley’s outdoor recreation center can provide everything from children’s inflatables to RV lot rentals. The MWR office also sponsors the Lemon Lot, which provides a place for soldiers to sell used vehicles. A marina is located on nearby Milford Lake, and is an ideal location for boating, water sports, and fishing. Fort Riley soldiers can rent pontoon boats or jet skis from this marina provided they have completed a boater safety course.

Staying in shape is always important to service members and their families, so Fort Riley offers a fitness center to help them remain physically fit. This fitness center provides cardiovascular and weight training equipment and may even hold special fitness classes from time to time. Zumba, Rowbics, and spinning classes are a few that are offered at King Fieldhouse.

Three swimming pools and a splash center are located on Fort Riley. Swimming lessons are offered at these aquatic centers. There are also sports programs designed especially for youth at Fort Riley. A few of the offerings for teenagers include flag football, flag soccer, cheerleading, volleyball, orienteering, indoor soccer, disc golf, and water games. Youth sports programs are designed for the children of current or retired service members who are between three and 18 years of age.

The Mathis Lueker Real Estate agency is proud to welcome incoming soldiers to Fort Riley. Agents here will be happy to assist with any Fort Riley real estate needs or answer any questions concerning morale, welfare, and recreation. They can be reached at 785-762-3400.
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